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                                Location >> Home >> NEWS
                                »  Jiaxing Oribos Tools Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 2 2024-02-25
                                »  Participated in the exhibition in Osaka, Japan from October 6 to 8 2021-09-28
                                »  Live exhibition of the company's exhibition 2020-02-21
                                »  Welcome to Jiaxing Oribos Tools Co., Ltd. 2020-02-17
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                                CONTACT US
                                Jiaxing Oribos Tools Co., Ltd.
                                ADD: Tongbei Village, Tongyuan Town, Haiyan Country, Zhejiang.
                                Contact Person: Xiaolong Zhang          M.T: 086-15858378688
                                TEL: 086-0573-86127830          FAX: 086-0573-86033981
                                E-mail: jxhyzwf@126.com          QQ: 2547561774
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