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                                ABOUT US
                                Jiaxing Oribos Tools Co., Ltd. is a large factory specializing in the production of construction tools such as Manual tile cutter, large plate cutter, large plate lifter, large plate mobile intelligent vehicle.Eastablished in 2014 and started as the OEM manufacturer for Japan,our tile cutter can fit for DIY ,Professional ans Industrial requirement.we have the specialized R&D center and manufacturing base.Most of our products have sell to Japan, Germany, Spain, southeast Asia and other countries and got the gained strong popularity .We maintain advanced manufacturing processes and a strict quality control system.We welcome customera around the wor...


                                NEW PRODUCTS + MORE +



                                Jiaxing Oribos Tools Co., Ltd.

                                Rich Product Styles
                                Tile Plate Lifter, Manual Tile Cutter, Large Plate Worktable, Large Plate Mobile Car, Sand Ash Mixer...
                                Production Equipment
                                Introduce Japanese technology, upgrade continuously, and integrate the advantages of various brand tools...
                                Engineering Experience
                                Take the quality as the public praise, strive to build the service-oriented enterprise of "spending only once in life"
                                Sales Network
                                Products are sold to Japan, Germany, Spain, Southeast Asia and other countries...



                                NEWS CENTER
                                Jiaxing Oribos Tools Co., Ltd.

                                CONTACT US
                                Jiaxing Oribos Tools Co., Ltd.
                                ADD: Tongbei Village, Tongyuan Town, Haiyan Country, Zhejiang.
                                Contact Person: Xiaolong Zhang          M.T: 086-15858378688
                                TEL: 086-0573-86127830          FAX: 086-0573-86033981
                                E-mail: jxhyzwf@126.com          QQ: 2547561774
                                Copyright: Jiaxing Oribos Tools Co., Ltd. Powered by: 0579yk.COM